Saturday, June 21, 2008

Affiliate Marketing – Making Money on the Internet from Other People’s Efforts!

“Start Making Money off the Internet Immediately!” “Make up to an Extra $6349.00 a Week… AND MORE!” “Make an Internet Fortune Overnight!”

If you’re like me, you have seen all of the “Get Rich Quick” ads, telling how to make your Internet Millions overnight and retire while you’re young enough to enjoy it. And before we had the Internet, there were the same ads in the Classifieds section of the daily newspapers and magazines.

More Money! Faster Money! Easier Money!

Isn’t that what everyone wants? More money? More time for family? You want to be able to tell your boss to take this job and… do something with it? (This is a PG-13 report, so I’m gonna keep it clean.) But you know what I mean. You’re just tired of spending your time doing what someone else wants (and pays) you to do? You want to spend your time doing what you want, where you want, with whom you want. But there’s still that money thing. You need an income (or a Lottery Jackpot) in order to afford to do the things you want to do.

And the thing is… SOME PEOPLE ARE DOING IT!!! Some people have retired from the rat race and still have a steady and VERY RESPECTABLE income stream. Whether it be an MLM, Internet Marketing, or some other home business, people are getting out of the rat race and enjoying the life we should ALL be living. Even better, some people have actually done the work and created products and systems that will show other people how they did it. And you don’t always have to buy those products yourself in order to make a fortune with them!

Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is, quite honestly, promoting or marketing someone else’s product and collecting a percentage from each sale that you initiated.

We’re going to look at a couple of products designed and created to teach an Amateur Web Marketer how to get started with Affiliate Marketing, Secret Affiliate Code and Affiliate Conspiracy. Both are very professionally done sets, with quality video to accompany the written portions of the courses. Both target those just getting started with Online Marketing.

Secret Affiliate Code promises to walk you through the process of getting affiliated and making it work and to have you making money by the end of the course. It will teach you money-making techniques for choosing the right products to promote and how to get the product in front of the people who want to buy it. This includes finding profitable niches, promoting to those niches, how to get paid for generating sales, and building a list of customers and repeat-customers for other promotional campaigns. This course will demonstrate how you can incorporate free online tools like Squidoo to help to generate traffic and sales, and how to achieve high rankings in Google Search pages.

The course costs $67.00 (regular price is $94) and includes a manual, 10 videos and a Quick-Start Guide to get earning even faster. The website says that there is a hidden code on the page, and if you can find it and figure it out, you can save an additional $20 off the price. It also includes a bonus of 4 additional interviews with other Internet Marketing Masters, including Eric Rockefeller, author of the other product we’re looking at, Affiliate Conspiracy.

Affiliate Conspiracy also offers a step-by-step, start-to-finish program for making money online through marketing other people’s products. It offers to teach you how to find profitable products, create winning Google Ad Words campaigns, and build a huge and responsive customer base from scratch. You won’t need to have your own website, any tech skills or a huge budget. Eric will walk you through 3 different case studies, showing how, with one product he made over $6500 in 2 weeks. He tells you the most profitable strategies that others don’t want revealed, and shows you how to overcome your competition.

This course comes in at $97 and is available only for a limited time. It includes a set of videos and documents, including over an hour of Quick Start Videos. It includes bonuses worth $450, including a video demonstrating how to use Google Adwords faster and cheaper than you ever thought possible, and the Exact Arsenal of Push-Button Easy Tools that Eric uses to test, track, and automate his affiliate marketing and how by using these little known secret tools you simply can't lose. He reveals 3 profitable but unexploited niches and 3 templates that you can customize and use to sell anything!

You can get more information here:
Affiliate Conspiracy
Secret Affiliate Code.

Both are extremely good products by VERY successful Internet Money-Making Masters. They offer some of the same information, but both have their own personal experiences to share, which is naturally going to include different techniques, utilities, and results. There are many ways to promote your products, many ways to generate traffic, and many affiliate programs to choose from.

Affiliate Conspiracy and Secret Affiliate Code both guarantee success in earning money online if you follow their steps. Both come with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. With either of them, you could be established and making an income in a week, IF you actually use the course and follow instructions and do what you’re told.

Neither of these authors promise overnight success (and anyone who does is only after your money). They do, however, promise that if you do what they did, you can have a respectable income in a short amount of time. You can repeat the steps as many times as you want to build as many streams of income as you desire.

But nothing is ever going to happen until YOU do something.

What are you waiting for?