Friday, June 20, 2008

First Website, First Blog, First Post (Transferred)

First Website, First Blog, First Post
This is my first serious attempt at something like this - a Blog, and a Home Business. I've tried home businesses before - Quixtar and Herbalife - and wasn't talented at spreading the "Good News" about those businesses. I think the major issue was that I really didn't feel good about their product lines, and everything was SO expensive. Quixtar ran about $500 to get started. Herbalife was twice that.

I've found a new business with MyWorldPlus that I really feel good about. It's not too expensive to get started (less that $100) and the product is something I feel good about and can easily convey to others how it would benefit them.

Check out this introductory film or click on the "Click Here for More Info" link on my home page.