Friday, June 20, 2008

Marketing Mike (Transferred)

Marketing Mike
I want to take a moment and go back in time.  I think I should explain the key thought process that took me from where I've been to where I am.  It's already been established (I believe) that I intend to document my travels into online marketing, to serve as instructions and maybe a tutorial to show you how to learn this trade and save you the mistakes I make along the way.  These won't be directions for how to do it, but footsteps to follow as I learn. 

So, let's have a review of Mike's life.  

Where I came from...  I'm a 43 year old guy.  I live in Silicon Valley but grew up in Salinas, about 60 miles to the south.  I work in the Tech Industry (Surprise!!).  This is not the cheapest place to live.  The quality of life here is high, and luxury abounds for those who have the money to buy it.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those who can easily afford the life I want to live.  

I have 2 maxxed-out credit cards and a tapped-out line of credit.  I have a car payment because I could no longer afford to fill the tank in my SUV.  I also have huge student loan debt.  My debt has grown fast.  Much faster than my income.  I need a remedy for that situation.  A "Home Remedy", I guess you can call it, because I plan to do it from home.  I'm sick of my situation and I'm looking for a cure.  And being from California, I need a natural remedy.  ;-)  Where can I find the secret to improve my position in life?  

I've mentioned before that I tried other home businesses.  All they got me was angry, frustrated, and feeling bamboozled (that's a technical term).  I mean, I saw the videos of people who were successful in these businesses and was immediately filled with questions like "How can I do this?" and "How do I acquire that level of wealth?"  I read all the stellar reviews of these plans and products and was completely amazed.  I wanted to be a top producer; I wanted the best life had to offer.  I wanted to decrease my debt and remove that stress from my life.  

I had to purchase a starter kit.  Then, of course, I had to use these "Top Quality Products" in order to be able to share my story.    

Just how great are these vitamins?  Well, I LOVE them, and let me tell you why...! 

How wonderful is this diet plan?  I lost ABC pounds in just XYZ days!!

(The exclamation points were very important!)  

Share your story.  That's all you have to do and people will be falling all over themselves to become a part of this wonderful program.  Well... I ran through all of my family and friends.  Lost most of my friends (my family is stuck with me).  Then it came time to prospect.  Contact random people, engage them in conversation, then twist the conversation around and get them to admit they're broke and hate life and convince them to spend $$$ on the best solution available.  

Well, I'm painfully shy with people I don't know.  All this did was increase my level of self-consciousness and stress.  I did see a couple of checks when I was in Quixtar, but they were only for about $6.00 and I spent thousands in order to see that return.  

Now, don't get me wrong.  These programs (Quixtar and Herbalife) DO work... for SOME people.  But not everyone is cut out to be a door-to-door salesman and promoter.  And it's especially difficult if you don't have your heart and soul behind the product.  In order for you to achieve, you need to find a number of people who are as ethical and motivated as you are, and then help each of those people to find their people, and so on, ad infinitum.  That's not what I want to do with my life.  

It's not my intent to "bash" those organizations and their products and plans.  They're billion dollar companies and have made many people very wealthy.  If that's the way you want to go, all the best to you.  I'm simply sharing my experiences.  (My Story!)

This "blog post" has turned into an article.  I guess my point is, home businesses are like arts and crafts.  There are tons of different avenues you can pursue.  Some folks like knitting, crocheting, and macramé.  Others like scrap-booking, making video, and watercolors.  The key is to keep looking until you find one that makes your heart sing and makes you smile just thinking about it.


THAT’S the one that will make you rich!


Till next time…




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