Friday, June 20, 2008

Marketing on Father's Day (Transferred)

Marketing on Father's Day

I spent the majority of the day again immersed in my new marketing business ventures.  Where does the time go?  I did have a nice chat with my Dad on Father's Day, but was unable to see him.  What I'm working on here is pretty important. For him and for me. He co-signed on one of my student loans. He's excited that I'm exploring other options.

I need to put together a more professional and personal website.  I don't have much experience with such things.  I am a Tech Support kinda guy, but I'm not a webmaster (yet) so I gotta learn fast!

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to make a few bucks before I can run out and purchase a web design book or application.  I actually downloaded CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008.  I found a review on Comsumer Search's website that said it's the second "Best Web-Design Software for non-Pros". 

The best one was Dreamweaver, but it costs $800.  CoffeeCup is only about $50 and you get a free trial period, which is long enough to get one or two or more sites up before you have to pay for it.  There were some free software apps too, but I decided it was time to actually make a committment, so I'm sticking with CoffeeCup.

I'm pretty impressed with myself.  I've made several actual commitments over the course of this blog (already!)  First, I made a committment that I was going to make a serious and honest effort to do this - be a success at this venture. And now the CoffeeCup commitment!  I know that first one was only last Friday, but I can't afford not to succeed.  And this is just ridiculously simple.  I would be too embarassed to fail at this.  I mean, crap!  I've already told my Dad and one of my brothers and all of you about this.  I gotta do something with this now!

I really don't think it's gonna be tough.  It's just a matter of learning HOW to do what I need to do.  I'm painfully impatient and easily bored.  I think I'm undiagnosed ADHD, and I'm gonna figure a way to put that in my favor.

G'night folks.  Gotta work tomorrow and 5:30AM comes early.  Until I can replace that income with this income, it's just gonna have to be a necessary evil.